Retreat Ministry

In 1908, the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix arrived in New York, where they began their U.S. retreat ministry. They eventually built retreat houses in New York City, Michigan and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Michigan Roots

From 1928 to 1978 the Mary Reparatrix Retreat House, located near the University of Detroit, flourished. From 1978 to 2000, retreat ministry locations in the Detroit area also included Plymouth, Dearborn, and the St. Gemma Parish Convent in Detroit.

In 1987, the congregation began the Full Circle Eco-House of Prayer in Port Huron. The House there continues to thrive through the ministry of Sr. Veronica Blake and Sr. Concepcion Gonzalez.

Riverview Retreat House

In 2000, this retreat house in Riverview, Michigan was built with you in mind. Easily accessible from major freeways and cross streets, you and your group are welcome here for a few hours, a day, overnight or for several nights.

Filled with light and peace, set back from the road and surrounded by nature, the house is ideal for your time of reflection and spiritual exploration.

You will find the staff hospitable yet unobtrusive, fully aware that the most important encounter here is with the Holy One who invites you into deepening relationship.